October 4, 2016

Communication 18 Ventures

Strategic Advisory Services

The right decisions at the outset of an initiative can mitigate risks as the complexities of business present themselves.

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Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Understanding your competitors' tactics opens up potential gaps in their approach and can present you previously unconsidered opportunities

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Cross Cultural Communications

Culture shock is more than just the surprise felt when walking down the street in a foreign country. Understand better the cultural sensitivities of the cultures with which you work.

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Physical security systems, including video surveillance and access control for domestic and international deployments.

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Social Media

The ever changing landscape of social media platforms provides powerful tools to reach, engage, and monetize audience activity.

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Market intelligence and materials for sustainable solar power, downstream oil and gas exploration companies, as well as others looking to grow their business

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Executive education, english as a second language (ESL), and child education from the paradigm of the instructor and the student across three continents.

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Individual, multi-unit, and area developer franchise owners. Experience with due diligence, research, and franchise disclosure documents (FDD)

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Media kits, media relations, disaster planning, fundraising, cataloging and newsletters that maintain a consistent brand voice and message.

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